John Gaydon’s interest in Steam trains started at the age of 3, when his first memory was of a pulsating, hissing locomotive with cylinder cocks open steaming into Hornsby Station.

He moved through model trains, and joined his school railway club. Soon after he was hooked and his dedication to steam was such that during his final school exams, he spent every available minute riding the Newcastle Flyer before it became dieselised! The picture is John camping out on one of his trips many years ago!

After regular steam ended in Australia, he followed many of his friends overseas, and photographed in over 40 countries in the ensuing years. As part of his journey, John was a founding member of the Zig Zag Railway, spending many hours during its formation volunteering. He was one of the first people to enter China on an individual visa in December, 1984. He has photos published in a number of books, and is connected to some of the world’s best train photographers.

What he is doing here, is reviving the romance of steam. As we share our stories, and read of the exploits of others, we hope you will be taken back to another space and time, where steam was king, and a major part of many people’s lives.

Prepared to be entertained, contribute and learn from John and his colleagues. John invites you to become one of us by joining. As a thank you, he will give you a copy of his new book, “The Holy Grail Of Steam” as soon as you join.