ls coverWe are pleased to announce that “Lenses South” is in the final stages of production, and copies are expected to arrive at the end of May, 2016.

After we received such an amazing reception to “Northern Exposures”, it was decided to add volumes on the South and West of NSW, to provide a permanent record of steam across the state.

As most of us in the production team were teenagers when commissioner Neal McCusker started axing steam starting with 57 and 58 class in the early 1960s, we had to look further afield to noted historians Peter Nieve, Con Cardew, Ray Love and others who contributed to “Lenses South”. Our rules were that photos had no, or limited exposure and were full colour.

A moving volcano has been visible across the Breadalbane Plain for a while. As it has come up the long straight to our photo position a characteristic one … two three … one … two three exhaust beat has wafted forward on the breeze. 5716 finally moves into camera range in perfect sun, slogging it out with the best part of 900 tons, heading north on the 1 in 66 at the summit of the Great Dividing Range at Cook’s Cutting, between Yarra and Breadalbane. Gary Hughes (both), 3 October 1960

The expertise of our production team was used to restore images to their original state, with vivid colours bringing those days back to life. It is amazing how good these pictures have been reproduced in print.

The result is 192 pages of magnificent images, with detailed captions and text that will take you back to those days, provide information on rail movements, leaving you with a feeling of what it was like in the days of steam.

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3638 and 3326 are seen in optimum light as No. 337 goods angles away from Picton’s built up area towards Redbank tunnel. The P class may be notionally light attached, on transfer to Goulburn for Kosciusko snow express workings to Cooma, but it is not having a free ride by any means. Graham Cotterall (both), 7 June 1966

We have printed a limited number of copies and will be working hard to get the word out over the next few months. If you would like one for your collection, we suggest you order early to avoid disappointment.

Lenses South (Australia) $85 Posted [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=17]
Lenses South (Worldwide) $115 Posted [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=22]
That curve and those pines again. 3807 cruises around a curve near Penrose with No. 31 mixed. The KKG horse van immediately ahead of the heavy passenger car looks like it could be right off an 1880s wagon designer’s drawing board. (Laurier Williams, September 1968)