Which Model Railway Is The World’s Largest?

Does Europe Or The USA Come Out On Top?

When I started searching for the largest model railway in the world, I discovered Northlandz. The subject of a seperate areticle, it contains over 8 miles of track with spectacular bridges and scenery and the capacity to run around 100 trains at once. I have trouble keeping the track in my small shed clean, so I am amazed at how such large layouts can run smoothly.


Digging a litle deeper, I came up with Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg Germany. This one has a staggering 9.6 miles of track and boasts some 900 odd trains. It has representations of many parts of the world, including the US with Las Vegas featuring, complete with thousands of lights.

model wonderland

Looking at the pictures and video, I would say that the level of detail is not as good as for Northlandz, despite the price tag of 7.5 m Euros so far.

I was staggered when I read about this payout, especially the sheer size or it. These guys are so ambitious they plan to model the whole world with Africa the next continent in their sites.

I don’t think Big Boys ever double headed on Union Pacific, but they do at Miniatur Wonderland. The train they are hauling would probably go the length of my model railway line!

You be the judge of which railway is the world’s largest. Let us know if you find another to rival these two.

Here is a video of the US portion of the layout.


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