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Mozambique steam train Atlantic 1975

My Story

It all happened in 1975, on a trip to Nampula to see the world’s last remaining Atlantics, hence the title, “The Holy Grail Of Steam”. It is an adventure with life threatening situations, spy stories, multiple arrests and incarcerations, and some exclusive photos in areas very few steam railway photographers have ever achieved access to.

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The photo on the left is 812, one of the four Atlantics in service out of Nampula at the time. It is in transit between Rio Monapo and Lombo, near Mozambique Island.

I won’t give away more of the story, but at this time we had no passports, vehicle or other possessions. Just the clothes on our backs, and by good fortune, our cameras and film! The story is 100% true and backed by documentation, including tickets for the trip from Nampula to Nacala!

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