Steam To Rise Again In Scotland

Grant Helps Restore Steam Facilities in Aberdeen

Isn’t it great to know that facilities for steam in Scotland are about to increase.

Now that the historic turntable is being repaired, trains will be able to be turned in the city, making it viable to run steam trips there.

Blue Peter seen here on its last run from Aberdeen on August 21, 1957

When the P2, used mainly in Scotland, is built in a few years’ time, it will have more places to visit now.

At the moment the only steam action in the area is the Alford Valley Railway.

Alford Valley Railway Scotland’s first 2ft Narrow Gauge passenger railway, running a half-hourly service from Alford to Haughton Park.

If you want more information about the P2 restoration click here

At the end of this post is a video clip of regular steam in action around Aberdeen including A4 Pacifics.

STEAM trains could be operating in Aberdeen in the future thanks to a generous grant.

The Ferryhill Railway Heritage Trust has been given a grant of almost £300,000 to repair and renovate an old turntable and engine shed.

The £298,158 cash, which has been awarded by Historic Scotland, will be used to help fund the creation of a railway heritage centre.

Steam train enthusiast, Keven Emslie, (7), Tigh-na-mara, Beaconhill Road, Milltimer, takes snaps of the 40year old steam locomotive the Union of South Africa 60009 which arrived from Aberdeen on Saturday from Edinburgh. Kevin is pictured at the Ferryhill depot, where the loco stopped off for water.

The long-term aim of the centre is to attract chartered steam trains like The Flying Scotsman back to Aberdeen on a regular basis.

The steel girder locomotive turntable – which is located just off Polmuir Avenue, east of Duthie Park – is one of only three surviving turntables in Scotland. It is classified as a category A listed structure and dates back to 1907.

The project also aims to restore the associated engine shed as a self-sustaining heritage visitor attraction, which would include a small museum and workshop.

Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs, said: “This scheme helps to protect and promote, as well as transform and bring back into use, some of Scotland’s most historically and architecturally significant structures and buildings.”

Watch the video below for shots of regular steam around Aberdeen

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