Sir Nigel Gresley Undergoes Major Overhaul

When Will She Be Back In Steam?

We all know that the British A4 is credited at being the fastest steam train of all time. Fortunately, most of them are not running any more.

As far as I can tell, only the Union Of South Africa remains approved for main line use and operational as of today.

After many years runing excursion trains, Sir Nigel Gresley has finally retired temporarily for a major overhaul.


Only six A4 Pacifics remain in the world – four in the UK and two in North America.

Owned and operated since 1966 by the Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust, No 60007 has been closely associated with the NYMR while running there over the past decade.

Distinguished by its striking blue paintwork, “Sir Nigel” was built in 1937 – the 100th engine of the Pacific type to be built by the LNER and named after her designer, the LNER’s chief mechanical engineer.

The A4 Pacifics – whose stable also includes the world’s fastest steam loco, Mallard – were designed for speed and hauled trains between London and Scotland.

“Sir Nigel” is credited with the post-war speed steam record after reaching 112mph with a full train of passengers on May 23, 1959.

Sir Nigel is now undergoing a 6 year long restoration, which is great news for steam fans.

For more information, or to make a donation, visit

Here is a video of Sir Nige in operation on its farewell trips.


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