In Search Of The Last German P8’s

We Photograph Ancient 4-6-0s In Regular Service

It was an absolute miracle that in modern day Europe, where there was barely an inch of unpaved roads even in 1974, an old Prussian P8 was still operating in regular service until 1974.

We think it is one of the better looking of German Locos, and there were around 3700 of them built in the early 1900s.

These engines worked in France, Poland, Germany, Romania, Greece, Austria, Norway and Denmark and were the most numerous passenger engine ever built.

038772-0 on a local passenger headed for Rottweil in September 1974

When I started out on my World Steam Adventure in 1974, one of the main goals was to photograph P8s operating in the south of Germany and Poland, a country that was rather backward compared to western Europe.

I managed a great shot at Rottweil that is still one of my favourites.

038772-0 at Sunset in Rottweil.

Later we managed to sneak behind the iron curtain and spent 10 mostly gloomy days in Poland. There we discovered some P8s working very modern double decker trains!

Polish OK1 (P8) hauls a set of double decker carriages on a local train.

You would have to say that the above picture is a little like the odd couple. Modern rolling stock with an ancient engine, nevertheless it was a real treat for us.

I did manage a great afternoon shot of an OK1 on another train as it headed into the sunset.

Late afternoon photo of OK1 in Poland

I really love these locos. Imagine 110 kph in 1906. It must have been pretty special in its heyday.


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