Steam Train Christmas Specials

As Christmas approaches we have put together some special offers for you to enjoy great pictures of steam trains from around the world over the festive season.

These are all new in 2019, and feature fabulous photos from excellent photographers. Most are Aussies, although we include a few from other parts of the world.

Included in the mix is Robert and Bruce Wheatley’s Railway Portraits Volume 5, the very latest in their series of books depicting NSW Railway operations in the steamy days of the 1960’s.

Here is a list of what we have for you for this Christmas either to spoil your self or as a special steamy gift. Special pricing is at the end of the page.

Railway Portraits Vol 5

Robert and Bruce Wheatley spent their youth travelling widely around NSW country areas photographing the steam trains and Railway Operations, thus recording our railway heritage.

$75 including postage

Where there’s smoke

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Magnificent full colour photos of regular steam operations in 27 countries including Western and Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East and Africa

Photographers include Charlie Lewis, Robert Kingsford-Smith, and others who have featured in many publications.

$80 retail plus postage

2020 World Steam Calendar

Photos in next year’s calendar are taken in China, Australia, Argentina, Germany, Kenya, Indonesia, South Africa, Italy, Burma, Turkey, Romania & India. Here are a few samples to whet your appetite.

$25 including postage

African Steam Safari Volume 1

This book covers steam operations in East Africa, Rosmead – Lootsberg Pass region of South Africa, Angola and The mighty South African Bethlehem and Kroonstad to Beaufort West lines. $60 retail plus postage

African Steam Safari Volume 2

This book covers steam operations in Natal South Africa, South African Industrial Lines, Swaziland and Eritrea. Soft cover, full colour with in depth coverage of each area. Some of these places were hard to get to, and others required extreme patience as we waited for the correct lighting to bring the scenes to life.

$60 retail plus postage

Special Offers (Includes Postage)

Every purchaser will be given access to my Ebook, “The Holy Grail of Steam” detailing my adventures in Mozambique in 1975. These specials will end at Christmas 2019.

Where There’s Smoke$75
Railway Portraits Vol 5$70
2020 World Steam Calendar$25
African Steam Safari Vol 1$55

African Steam Safari Vol 2$55
Where There’s Smoke
plus Calendar
African Steam Safari
Volume 1 & 2
Where there’s smoke plus
African Steam Safari Vol 1
Where there’s smoke plus
African Steam Safari Vol 2

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