Where There’s Smoke Part 2

Following the success of part 1, covering the western hemisphere from Scotland to the Cape, we are pleased to announce the second book in the series, covering steam operations in the rest of the world.

Spanning all parts of ASIA, Australasia and Latin America it represents many thousands of miles of travel to remote locations utilizing bicycles, motor cycles, taxis, cars, guides and other ways to get the shots. We were obsessed with discovering and recording steam operations, especially in the scenic areas of the Himalayas, Andes and New Zealand Alps.

Darjeeling India,where else can you get this kind of backdrop

With 192 pages of stunning images selected from thousands of slides, it is sure to please anyone who remembers the days of the iron horse. Those who braved the cold, humidity, unfriendly officials and masses of people were amply rewarded for their effort.

Indonesia, where people get a ride in whatever way they can

Unusual, ancient & modern locos operated throughout South East Asia, from Three Cylinder Pacifics in Malaysia through Thailand, Mallets in Indonesia, Shays in the Philippines and Garratts in Burma.

J & Brown ROD accompanies photos from all states of Australia

We searched far and wide for excellent photos taken in all states of Australia back over 50 years ago when regular steam operations were in place. Many of the railway lines are now closed, and only a few locos survive in museums.

South Island of New Zealand – superb backgrounds with great locations

While New Zealand proved to be magnificent, South America, with the Andes as a backdrop also rivalled as the best locations on earth for steam train photos.

Railway to the top of the world. Above the tree line, the line through Potosi in Bolivia passed through Condor, at the time the world’s highest railway station at over 17,0o0 feet and the world’s highest city.

There are many more images on the website, to give you an idea of the quality and content of a book we are very proud of.


More pictures also on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/steamtrainpics

If you missed part 1, we have a special offer to purchase both books. There is more information available by visiting the website.

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