Mountains In The Mountains!

Way back before most of us had even thought about taking colour pictures, there were legendary triple headers with bankers climbing the great Zig Zag, or its deviation more correctly on heavy goods.

While we don’t see too much of this action, there is the odd video showing what it was like back in those days.

Core of the motive power were the 58 class. A monstrous 3 cylinder beast, all of which were unfortunately cut up in the early 1960s, when the importance of preservation was not thought of so much. After all, who has seen a 34 class?

When you hear the mix of a couple of standard goods chuffing away on a 2/4 beat, plus the 3/3 beat of the 58, it makes for a special kind of music, at least for steam buffs.

This is a bit of a teaser for “Shooting The West”. Our new book is full colour. Although the book focuses on steam west of the divide, there are some great images in a beautiful part of Australia. Here is one example, taken by Bob Gibson.

It truly is the land of golden plains as wheat trains climb up the grade at Molong and Double Garratts haul the Lead Concentrate train W44 from Parkes.

If you were there, you will know about the struggles lifting loads out of Bathurst in both directions, the spectacular section at Capertree, and the ancient 19 class on the Oberon line.

We are taking pre-orders now, with free shipping included. The books are expected to arrive in Australia in July.

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Feast Your Eyes on the Mountain in the Mountains action!


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