Last Days Of Steam At Bathurst NSW

Mainline Steam Banking A Spectacular Sight

Steam all but ended in the west of NSW, Australia in 1967. At that time there were shunters at a few depots, and some operations around Cowra, but mainline steam was gone.

A little later, a couple of 59 class were allocated to Bathurst, and used to help diesels climb the major grades of Tumulla and Raglan. This was due to Bathurst being in a valley, necessitating a hill crossing in either direction to get out!

Now I know this is a long time ago, but for those of us around at the time it was very exciting to be able to see 59s climb Tumulla bank, one of the nicest spots around for photography.


44 and 59 Climb Tumulla

After the Higher School Certificate in 1969, we had summer holidays and my friends and I had no idea what we would do after school, so on a hot January day we headed for Bathurst.

We slept in deserted stations, and managed a few pic. I do remember eating watermelon. It was delicious, but all we could afford. After a few days trudging up and down steep hills in searing heat, we had enough and headed home.


Picturesque Raglan, Now A Housing Estate

We made a few trips west in the next 12 months, once in a mate’s Fiat 600. This car had front opening doors and nearly didn’t make it over the mountains.

Bathurst loco was a nice spot too. They had a 30 tank shunting, yet another class that simply isn’t in service at the moment.


Lots of great memories photographing the west. We will leave you with this great shot on Tumulla bank.


What do you think. Was this a great area for photography?


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