Mighty Pacifics On Steam Train Excursions In India

A Great Weekend Behind Steam

The first batch of WP broad gauge Pacifics were built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia.


Subsequently over 750 were produced between 1947 and 1965 when production ended.

These were the mainstay of Express Passenger services for many years, and remained in regular service until the early 1990s.

Now 7161 is restored and working excursion trains from Delhi to Dewari each weekend, including an overnight stay.

Here is some information on this loco.

WP 7161 is the Chittranjan Locomotive Works built engine, inducted into active service in 1965, this locomotive was also there was none of the ‘tail wag’ experience with these engines that was so characteristic of the XC class.

On establishing their success further orders for WP locomotives went to Baldwin Canadian Locomotive Company (CLC) and Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) who shared the manufacturing the next 300 WP engines. These engines were numbered from 7216 to 7515 in order of the Railway to which they were allotted. A further 120 engines were ordered from Canadian Locomotive Company in 1955-56 and 60 more engines came from Poland and Austria between 1957-59, this loco was in production for 20 years from 1947 to 1967 from 53 locos in 1953, it reached a peak holding of 167 locos on Northern Railways in 1967.

This Pacific class of broad gauge loco marked the change the coding from ‘X’ to ‘W’ for broad gauge locomotives. It was capable of doing up to 110 Km/h and remained Indian Railways crack locomotives for many years.

homed at Saharanpur shed and gave distinguished service to IR before being phased out from active service. This Locomotive is christened “AKBAR”, after the great Mughal Emperor.

Both these locomotives are in prized possession of Rewari Steam Loco shed, with great historic significance and deserve their rightful place in the rich heritage of Indian Railways. Let’s celebrate the return of these two glorious Steam Engines and see these magnificent machines in steam once again.

Source http://www.irctctourism.com

Video of 7161 In Action


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