Steam And Snow In Nevada In 2016

Great Opportunity to see Steam Trains in Snow

Where in the USA can you still see steam puffing through the snow? The answer is the Nevada Northern Railway, situated in Ely, Nevada, offers winter trips which sometimes include spectacular snow.

This is a gem of a railroad, situated in the desert.

The locomotive roster includes a couple of impressive 2-8-0s (consolidated) and a Baldwin 4-6-0 (ten wheeler).

Baldwin 4-6-0 on Nevada Northern Railroad. Image from Tripadvisor

You can even be an engine man for a day in charge of a steam or diesel locomotive and drive the train under instruction.

Well worth the visit to this wild west town. After watching the video, I want to go there. It is is now on my bucket list!

Don’t forget to watch the video at the end for some great winter steam action.

A historic steam locomotive hauls a freight train through heavy snow during a winter photography workshop near Ely Image from


The Nevada Northern Railway, a real railroad that hauled copper ore decades ago, ran some special winter tours between Feb. 12-14 and Feb. 19-21.

Here is an article from the Los Angeles Times on the Railroad.

The living railroad and museum are located about four hours north of Las Vegas.

Two of the Nevada Northern Railway’s original steam locomotives pose for photo buffs during a winter photography weekend in 2014. (Don Hepler)

People from across the country come to rural Ely – with a population 4,262 and an elevation of 6,427 feet – for this event.
While a coating of snow isn’t guaranteed, wintertime provides an opportunity to snap photos without competing with the summer tourists for a good vantage point.

Winter Photo Freight Shoot in northern Nevada

Even photographers with the most basic skills and equipment can shoot stellar images. The event’s organizers set up studio-quality lighting and offer helpful guidance to maximize the experience for participants.

Since Nevada Northern is a working railroad, not just a museum, the equipment is all authentic. In addition to well-preserved steam locomotives plus passenger and freight cars, the site is also home to the original depot, engine house and water tower – plenty to excite enthusiasts.

Here is a video of the railroad in operation.


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