Devil’s Nose With Steam

Fantastic Steam Footage In Equador

By the time I got to Riobamba in Equador on my South American steam trip, I had no cameras left after thieves in Lima Peru relived me of all my equipment.

Despite this, I longed to travel over the Devil’s Nose, probably the most famous railway formation in the entire world.

As it turned out, we grabbed a ride on a freight with a 2-8-0 up front from Riobamba, and I rode in the cab to Allousi, the town at the top of the grade.

I cannot tell a lie. The next day the passenger turned up with a diesel in charge. Damn!

I believe some steam is around or being restored in the area, although I am not exactly sure what is happening.

The following video has some great footage of steam in Equador taken in 2014.

It might be worth a trip?


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