CP Northern 3101 Will She Run Again?

Old Video Shows This Monster Being Built

3101 is listed as one of the largest non-compound engines built in the British Empire.

Built in 1928, this 4-8-4 ran the Toronto to Montreal night trains for over 25 years. Weighing in at a massive 3685 horsepower, she was perfectly suited for high speed passenger running, but the expense meant that CP opted for Hudsons as they further developed their steam fleet.

There were two locos in the K1 class, the other being 3100. This sits in the Canadian Science & Technology Museum in Ottawa.

3101 from Megantic, Que. with No. 41 from Saint John, NB at Montreal West. September 6, 1954

Newly transferred from John Street where it had been stored since dieselization of 21 and 22. (Last run arrived in Toronto March 11, 1954). It was joined by 3100 also off 21 and 22 for a brief period of time before being transferred to Winnipeg to finish out its years in freight service. Doug Wilson Collection

It would have been great to see these classic locos working, however 1954 is a long time ago. 3101 has survived to this day at

3101 is currently a static exhibit at IPSCO Park in Regina Saskatchewan. In 2007 there were rumours of an attempt to return her to working order for $1m Canadian, but this never eventuated. In 2013 she was apparently sold to a farmer looking at building a museum.

BATTLEFORD, Saskatchewan – Gary Southgate, a farmer from the Battleford area, is a man on a mission. He has been collecting vintage railroad equipment of Canadian Pacific and Canadian National heritage in the hopes of someday establishing a railroad museum in Saskatchewan. He now has 14 pieces of rail equipment purchased from owners across the Canada and the United States, including an operational CN FP9 and several passenger cars. But his biggest prize is Canadian Pacific 4-8-4 No. 3101. The 4-8-4, on display at the former IPSCO steel plant in Regina since the 1960s, would head up a train of CP equipment that Southgate hopes to acquire.

3101 in later years with added side trim and number moved off cab. Beaver emblem. Smoke deflectors.

Classic 1928 Video Shows Construction of 3101.

Turn the sound down and watch this clip for an insight into how a giant steam engine is made.



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