Another US Engine Steams Again

Nevada Engine In Action After 40 Years

Wow, this is an amazing old wood burner with a real diamond stack.


When I was young I used to watch silent movies like “The Marx Brothers Go West” and TV shows like “Casey Jones” all featuring classic American Locos.

I have to admit, when I think of the old time US steam fleet, the image pretty well matches that of the Glenbrook, pictured above.

Isn’t it great to know she has now been restored to service and runs excursion trains from Carson City in Nevada.

Watch the video at the end. It has a few classic engines steaming.

An important piece of Nevada history is up and running again. The historic Glenbrook steam engine was critical to Nevada’s mining and lumber industries, but sat idle for 40 years in Carson City. Now the locomotive has been fully restored—from the intricate paint to the brass fittings. “When I first saw it, most of the brass was not here, the stack was caved in, the pilot was missing,” said Rick Stiver, who has been working on the restoration.

The Glenbrook worked the lumber mills in the 19th century and then transported tourists between Truckee and Tahoe City. Now, after years of dedicated restoration, it’s ready to roll once more. “I really enjoy trying to duplicate parts. If I do my job right, you can’t tell whether it’s new or old,” Stiver said.

Nevada State Railroad Museum director Greg Corbin says the narrow gauge engine could make sharp turns and took up less room as it hauled lumber from Lake Tahoe to Spooner Summit. “Considering the terrain that they had to navigate from Glenbrook Bay to the top of Spooner Summit to get the wood up there, is an undertaking in itself,” Corbin said.

Corbin says early trains had decorations you don’t see these days. “They were very ornate, they were very detailed in terms of the paint scheme and the brass that you found on the locomotive. It wasn’t until much later that they figured out it was too much labor to take care of and they became black,” Corbin explained.

Now the project is finished and the important piece of Nevada history is ready to impress a new generation. “It’s like watching your kid; they’re taking their steps and it’s moving on,” Stiver said.


Excerpt from Jennifer Burton KVTN

Here is a video of the Glenbrook in action recently.


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