Pictures From The Days OF South African Steam

I put together a few of my photos into a video with accompanying sound track. There is an audio of a 14CRB + GEA on Sir Lowry’s Pass on a fruit train, and an NGG 16 on the Umzinto – Donnybrook line. Regrettably, I wrote the information on most of my recordings on the cardboard insert and they have faded away!

14crb, gea, south africa steam train, western cape fruit season

A 14CRB double heads a GEA on a Western Cape apple train

I will be doing a few more of these, probably by region, as I think that adding steam sounds brings the pictures alive.

As always, your comments are appreciated. Suggestions too will be investigated.

Enjoy the video


  1. What a good idea ! I wish there were video cameras ( that we could afford ) in the 1970, let alone earlier.

    All these productions take time, but you’ve made a good job and very enjoyable. Keep them coming

    Mike in Wales

  2. Chris Sim says:

    yay Southern Africa – beautiful light, magnificent engines – had a blast there in 91 with Steve Howard, Paul Hogan, Tony Marsden etc, SA, Zim and Zam, Vic Falls. Montague Pass, George-Kneisner, Capetown, Kimberly – what’s not to like in that lot? 25NCs, 23s, GLs, 15s, 16s, 24s, GMAMs. You have many lovely shots there John and were certainly more adventurous than I, vis a vis Mozambique scrapes etc – it must have been the mean streets of Pymble and Turramurra that prepared you for that lot….

  3. Charles Janssen Schmidt says:

    Hi John.

    Nice idea, perhaps you could cite the source of your “recording”, which if I’m not mistaken comes from Sunset of Steam. I’m sure Dee Worman (Derek’s widow) would appreciate it?


    • John Gaydon says:

      Hi Charles,

      Thanks very much for leaving a comment.

      The recordings I use as background are my own. They were recorded on a Uher cassette deck. This is the first time they have been made public. I am still in the process of tranferring some reel to reel recordings from NSW made back around 1970. I have difficulty identifying the exact locations as the notes I made on the cover have faded to the point I can hardly read them!


    • Dear Charles, I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I am the Archivist of the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society and, more broadly, a historian of British post war radio comedy. In the course of my research into the archives of the SABC, I came across references to material consigned to the SABC by a Derek Worman. Further information in the files suggested that Mr Worman worked at some point for the BBC as a sound engineer. I was wondering whether the Derek Worman you mention in this conversation is the same one mentioned in the SABC files. If so, I would be keen to be introduced to his widow, because on the items he consigned to the SABC was of particular interest to me (although I have been told that the item is currently lost. if you are able to help, I would be very grateful. Kind regards, Tristan

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