Absolute Water Frontage Steam Action

The South Coast Of South Africa – Home of Great White Sharks And A Wonderful Stretch Of Railway Line

I have not seen pictures like these anywhere. They were taken by me back in 1975 on a South African Steam Safari.

I still have fond memories of Barbequing enourmous, juice T-Bone steaks from local butchers for dinner by the campfire.

In all my travels, the railway line from Mossel Bay to George in South Africa is one of the most spectacular coastline railways I have seen. Fortunately at the time I was there, most of the motive power was in the form of GMAM Garratts.

The George Knysna line makes for magnificent early morning light as the 24 class heads towards the Kayman’s River Bridge.

While this line operated for tourists for many years until the rails became impassable, the coast west of George is also a treat for those of us who like steam and sea.

GMAM Heading from Mossell Bay to Vorbei

As you can see from this shot, you can’t get much closer to the sea without being underwater! Once it left the flat beside the cost, the line climbs in both directions.

GMAM Heading West from Vorbei

While the line west offers spectacular lighting and superb desert scenery, it is the other direction that really excited us.

The line hugs the coast much of the way to George, and although parts of it are rather inaccessible by road, we managed to get some fine shots on a trip in 1975.

While this one is not that close to the beach, it does show the entire coast line, and you can see Mossell Bay in the background.

This one which has never been seen before is a close up. If the waves were any closer, the train would be surfing!



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